about peachy vibes

our brand

We felt the pleasure industry lacked a place to feel safe and explore one’s right to sexual fulfilment, so we created one.

Putting emphasis on inclusivity, education and pleasure, we promise to evolve with the needs of our customer.

our product

From day one Peachy Vibes is committed to selling carefully curated products that promote sexual wellness through body-safe materials and ingredients at fair prices.

We avoid gendering our products (for him/her) where possible – everything in our store can be used by anybody.

our mission

Our mission is for sexuality to become a topic we can discuss without shame and create an inclusive community through sexual well being & self care promotion.

Everything we say, do and think is embodied within the culture of Peachy Vibes, which, quite literally, means “good feelings”. That is what we strive to project to one another, our customers and the society.

our promise to you

♡ yes to safe & body friendly materials

♡ yes to quality

♡ no gimmicks