about peachy vibes

our brand

Peachy Vibes is a female-founded company based in Latvia, Europe with a mission to supply every body with high-quality, body-safe pleasure products. We are the first retailer in Latvia (and one of the few in Europe) to focus on body-safe toys, inclusive product descriptions and categories.

our product

Since day one we are committed to dispel myths on sex, sexuality, sex toys and health. We do our best to write our product descriptions as accurately as possible with focus on product features to make sure you make an educated choice when shopping with us.

our vision

Having the widest collection of toys has never been our priority, instead we concentrate on the quality of toys. The products you’ll find on Peachy Vibes are carefully curated, and hand-selected by our team through ongoing tests to give you the best product selection possible.

Everything we say, do and think is embodied within the culture of Peachy Vibes, which, quite literally, means “good feelings”. That’s what we’re about – sharing good vibes.

our promise to you

♡ yes to safe & body friendly materials

♡ yes to quality

♡ no gimmicks

We thank you for choosing us when shopping for your pleasure and hope you have a good time!?