Peachy Vibes Loyalty Program

Peachy Vibes Loyalty Program

Earn Loyalty Points with every purchase!

Written By Peachy Vibes | 01.02.2020

Shop. Earn Points. Save Money. Repeat.

Double the pleasure with the Peachy Vibes Loyalty Program we like to call “Good Vibes Tribe”. To thank you for your loyalty and choosing us to deliver your pleasure, we have created a Loyalty Program that allows you to collect Loyalty Points with every purchase you make.

How to join the Good Vibes Tribe

All you have to do to start earning your Loyalty Points and earn rewards is make a customer account on Peachy Vibes if you don’t already have one.

If you do have an account, then you can already start earning your points. Additionally, we have granted the earned points to all users who had made an account before the Loyalty Program was in place!

Log In an existing account

Create an account

How can I earn the Loyalty Points?

The Loyalty Program is still new and we will keep introducing new ways to earn and spend your points. For now the system is simple and you have 4 ways to earn points:

€1 = 10 POINTS

Complete a purchase


Leave a product review

How can I spend the Loyalty Points?

Spending the points is easy! Once you have collected the amount of points you would like to redeem, write us an e-mail at and let us know which reward you would like to claim. Please write your e-mail address in the e-mail that is associated with the account that should receive the reward!

Rewards you can claim:

  • 1000 points = 10% off coupon
  • 2000 points = €10 off coupon*
  • 3000 points = €20 off coupon**

*Can be used for orders €50+

**Can be used for orders €100+

Good to know
  • Always make sure you are logged in when making a purchase to claim your points;
  • The Loyalty Points have no monetary value and can only be exchanged for the rewards stated above;
  • You will receive the points for your purchase once it has been shipped;
  • When leaving a product review, please make sure it is as helpful as possible;
  • We reserve the rights to delete any misleading, non-factual reviews;
  • You will receive the points for a product review when it has been approved;
  • The rewards can only be redeemed and used by the account where the points are collected;
  • Coupons can’t be combined – one coupon per order;
  • Your current points can be viewed in Your Account under Loyalty Program tab.