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Satisfyer Connect mobile app has launched

Revolutionise how you use your sex toys with Satisfyer Connect

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Satisfyer Connect

The free Satisfyer Connect app is the interactive new platform that seamlessly blends intimacy with technology. Designed for joyful sensual experiences with yourself or your partner, whether close to each other or at a distance. The Satisfyer Connect app is the beginning of an exciting journey with no limits.

Connect up to 4 Satisfyer devices to the app via Bluetooth and use the intuitive controls and features for unmatched pleasure. Explore the three-dimensional world of sensual lovemaking with your partner from anywhere in the world. Connect your accounts and give the control of your toy over to them.

The app is completely free and will bring new updates every month so there’s always something fresh to explore.

The features

Program Play

Use one of the many pre-installed programs and personalise the vibrations to fit your unique needs. Use the intuitive touch controls to mix and match the programs.

Live Control

Design individual patterns and rhythms according to own preferences with a simple stroke of the finger over the screen. Control the intensity, separate motors with multi-engine devices or save own favourite routines to experience these lustful moments over and over again.

Ambient Sound

Let the sounds around you be transmitted in vibrations using your devices built-in microphone. A real bang for the next concert visit!

Music Vibes

Stream your favourite music or pair the app with your own music library to convert your favourite songs into paralleled vibration patterns.

Remote Partner

No matter how far from each other, Satisfyer Connect provides couples with an ability to sensually bridge the 3-dimensional gap of distance anytime, and anywhere in the world. Connect your app accounts using the internet and give control of your toy to your partner. The chat and video function allows couples to exchange the most intimate moments from any place in the world.

A secure connection between two accounts can only be established if both sides explicitly agree each time. In addition, each user retains the ability to end the connection which will result in automatic deletion of all messages from the chat, and further access.

Community Share

Save your favourite vibe routines and use the anonymous share function to make them available for others to try – and vice versa.

Alarm Function

Set virtual date reminders for you and your partner when you’re ready to play.

Satisfyer Connect App



The Satisfyer Connect app is compatible with all smartphones and tablets based on iOS 11 or newer and Android 6.0 or newer. The app is also available on Apple Watch which allows for unique control of one toy at a time – control the vibrations with the movements of your wrist!


Satisfyer Connect compatible toys are being launched continuously. Keep an eye on this post to not miss any new releases!

  • Satisfyer has launched the Connect app which connects your Satisfyer toys to your phone for one of a kind pleasure.
  • The app is free and is available for iOS and Android.
  • The app allows to create individual and finely nuanced vibration rhythms and patterns, in addition to the existing ones.
  • Create unique vibration patterns using ambient sounds or music from your music library/streaming service.
  • Connect your account to your partners account and control each others toys as well as use the chat and live video function for long distance pleasure.
  • Satisfyer toys which are compatible with the app will be posted in this post as well as will have this information on their product description page.