How long is the delivery time?

Order before 11:00 on a business day and we will send your order the same day if it is available! Delivery time is normally 24-48 hours* on business days, depending on the delivery location. If your delivery is delayed, please write to and we will help you!

* Products with Standard and Omniva delivery have longer delivery time.

Please refer to the Shipping Policy for more information regarding delivery times.

How much is the delivery?

Our flat rate delivery is €4.99 and free shipping starts from €30*.


*Items delivered by Omniva (UPS International Delivery) have a separate shipping fee based on delivery zones. This fee will be combined with the flat rate fee when applicable and is not covered by free shipping.


1 Latvia (delivery to parcel machine) Free delivery
2 Estonia, Lithuania (delivery to parcel machine) €2.00
3 Germany, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania (UPS courier delivery) €7.00
4 France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovenia (UPS courier delivery) €8.00
5 Croatia, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain (UPS courier delivery) €9.00
6 Malta (UPS courier delivery) €26.99

Can I track my order?

In your delivery confirmation you receive from us via e-mail you will find a tracking link; via this you can easily follow your package! If no information appears, it is because the courier has not yet scanned the package. In such cases, try a little later! If you cannot find your delivery confirmation, you can always contact us and we will help you!

What if I don't pick up my package in time?

If your order is not picked up on time by your representative, it will be returned to us automatically. You are responsible for the delivery expenses regarding shipping and return handling, plus a 10% restocking fee. Products returned to us from failure to claim or incorrect addresses will be returned to us automatically.

Will anyone know what the package contains?

All orders are sent in discrete packages and your parcel won’t be externally identifiable as a Peachy Vibes and will not state that it contains adult products.

Can I choose where I can pick up my package?

Of course! You can choose which location you want it delivered to before you complete your purchase. Before delivery you will receive a delivery notification from the courier with options to change delivery time, date and/or location.

Note: If the delivery is made to Omniva Parcel Machine in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania (stated in product description), you can write your preferred Omniva Parcel Machine location in the Notes Section during checkout.

Where is my order?

Most orders are released for processing as soon as received. Express delivery takes 24 to 48 hours*. Peachy Vibes is not liable for lost, misdirected or stolen packages, but we will do our best to work with the shipper and help you find your missing shipment. Contact our customer service and we will help you!

*Country based delivery information is available on the Shipping Policy page.

I want my package to be sent to another address, how do I do it?

You choose the location where you want the package to be sent to before you complete your purchase. Keep in mind that the person to whom your order is addressed is also the one who has to redeem the package.

My order is incomplete!

Our products ship directly from our facilities in Latvia, Denmark, Spain or the Netherlands. If the products in your order are located in different facilities the order may arrive in separate packages and you will not be charged extra for the shipping. Please email our support if you have any worries about your shipment and we will sort it out.

I got a reminder for a package I already received?

This may be because your delivery agent has forgotten to register that you have received your package. Contact our customer service and we will help you!

I haven't received my order confirmation!

The order confirmation is automatically sent to the email address you provide when you complete your purchase. If you have double-checked your spam folder and have not yet received the e-mail, it may be because you have accidentally typed the wrong address or forgotten a character. Contact our customer service and we will help you!

I got a broken product, what do I do?

If you have functionally checked the product and it does not work, please contact us on Make sure the email contains your order number for the fastest handling of the case. Then specify which product it is and describe the defect – it is of course good to attach pictures if you feel it is needed.

You haven't sent my order yet, can I cancel it?

Because we want you to get your order as quickly as possible, all orders are processed and packaged for delivery as soon as a payment has been registered. It may happen that we have the opportunity to cancel your order, but usually it has already been processed. If you want to cancel your order write to as soon as possible after placing the order and we will assist you.

What should I do if an item in my order is missing?

If something is missing from your package, or if you received the wrong product, please contact us as soon as you have discovered this! Some orders are shipped in multiple packages and we will always let you know beforehand if your order will arrive in multiple parcels.

Can I return my purchase after I have received it?

Please refer to the Returns Policy for information regarding the returns.

What are "Add-On" products?

The products classified as “Add-On” with the tag on them can only be purchased together with any of the Add-On Compatible products. This way we are able to not only offer the free shipping but better prices too!

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes! You can purchase our gift card here: Peachy Vibes gift card.

What are the Loyalty Points?

To reward you for choosing us as your pleasure provider, we have set up a Loyalty Program. In short, you get points for shopping and can exchange these points for rewards! Read more.

My toy is not turning on!

Toys that come with batteries tend to have a protective paper slip in the battery compartment – make sure you have inspected the batteries, placed them in proper position and screwed the cap on tightly.

Rechargeable toys might need to have a full charge before use – make sure you do that before using your toy for the first time. Check the instructions that came with the toy for specific instructions.

What lubricants can I use with my toys?

Refer to our Lubricant guide page for detailed description on which lubricants should be used with which materials.

How do I use this toy?

It is important to carefully research and read any information regarding a toy before and after a purchase. If you use your toys with partners, make sure to use a condom and wash/disinfect the toy thoroughly. Refer to our Materials page for more details regarding toy cleaning and safety. Peachy Vibes is not liable for the misuse of any product resulting in medical injury.

How do I clean my new toy?

Refer to our Material guide page for detailed description on how to care for and clean your toys.

Can I put this in my butt?

Toys that are safe for anal use are marked with “Anal” in the product description and/or specs. Anything that doesn’t have a stopping point, such as a base or sturdy ring, should not be used for anal play. This is because of the vacuum-like quality the anus has therefore it’s extremely easy for something to get “sucked in” and pose a great health risk when medical assistance would be needed immediately. Peachy Vibes is not liable for any injuries resulting from misuse of any product.

Can I use my toy in the shower/pool/bath etc.?

All waterproof toys that are safe to submerge are marked with “Waterproof” in the product description and/or specifications.

Toys that can be plugged in or have a plug should never be near water and should only be spot cleaned when unplugged. Peachy Vibes is not liable for injuries resulting from misuse of any product.

Am I allergic to this product?

Peachy Vibes takes additional steps to make sure the products we stock are safe to use near or in a human body. Ingredients are always listed in product descriptions and we have dedicated pages on Materials and Lubricants where you can make sure what you purchase will be safe for you to use. Peachy Vibes is not liable for any negative reactions to the products in our shop.

Shopping on PEACHYVIBES.COM is very simple.

You just have to follow these steps:


Choose the section you want to shop in at the top of the page, in main menu.


Select the product that interests you and add it to cart.


Select a product and add the item to your Shopping Cart. You can then choose to continue shopping or place the order. You can also add the item to your Shopping Cart directly from the image without having to enter the product detail page. Select the size or color of the product(s) you want right from there by clicking “Quick View”. To process your order, click on your Shopping Cart.


Make sure that the order total of your cart is at least €20 as that is the minimum total to place an order. If you want to continue shopping, repeat the process; when you are finished click on “Shopping cart” and then on “Checkout”.


Choose the place of delivery and make sure the shipping and billing addresses are correct.


Once you’ve entered your information, check that it’s correct and click “Place order.”


After selecting the option to place your order, follow the instructions on screen, pay for the order and make sure you have received “Order confirmation” which is sent to the email you gave when placing order.


How do I pay for my order? 

We offer payment with credit/debit cards right here, on

Discreet delivery

Nosy roommate, want to get your package delivered to your office?

–  No problem!

Our shipping is discreet and won’t have our company name/logo/package contents visible on the outside of the packaging.

Free International shipping from €30*
*Exception for Omniva deliveries